I graduated from Drexel University in Philadelphia, my hometown, with honors. I was recruited from Drexel by the Naval Sea Systems Command as a defense contract negotiator. I had a great time there! I negotiated contracts for everything from engineering services aboard ships, to weapon systems, propulsion systems and the overhaul of nuclear-powered submarines. From there I moved back home to the Philadelphia/New Jersey area and took a job as Finance Director at a multi-specialty healthcare corporation. Then I took a very similar job as Finance Director at one of Aetna's divisions.

I needed a career change so I went back to school for training as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Certified Novell Engineer. I am a two-time CNE. Now that I had the networking side of the industry under my belt I wanted to add to my overall qualifications so I was accepted into Chubb Professional Resources "Top Gun" application development program and got a job at The Vanguard Group. Now, I had a nicely rounded out background in business, information systems, contract negotiations, finance, network engineering and application development.

My interests turned to internet and affiliate marketing and I tried many different systems and programs to help me in my pursuits but most were either far too much work for very little return or just plain scams. I've watched more webinars and listened to more sales pitches than I can possibly remember. If you are a current or former marketer, you probably can relate to this. However, this industry has quickly and significantly evolved over the last several years. It is far easier to perform the necessary tasks with the advancements in technology and software development. Further, it has become much less expensive to get involved in online marketing and there are so many more options.

Recently, I launched my digital marketing agency, Apex SEO Agency, a part of my company, Apex Digital Media Group LLC.

I am thrilled to have built up my agency with incredible resources and fostered relationships with many top experts in the field. Now, Apex SEO Agency offers top notch services that include SEO, web design, digital marketing, lead generation, social media management and social growth, digital advertising, press and public relations, podcast tours, and graphic design.

Now I'll include information about these subjects in my blog and I am determined to help folks with similar interests make real progress in this industry by recommending stellar products and services that will provide real benefit to my readers. The internet and information age now offer a better life for all of us. The Internet is creating successful, wealthy people on a daily basis.

To your success!

Rich Averell