So how exactly does Amazon affiliate work step by step? You don’t need a million views or a lot of traffic, I’ve been doing it before I had 2 thousand subscribers.

How to Set Up Amazon Affiliate Marketing | $100 per day

Basic Idea: is to give you guys the set but also the different options of how you can make money from Amazon affiliates without having a ton of cash.

1. How to set it up step by step
How to do it correctly:
Beg: Most people think, that to do this correctly you need a massive following but you really don’t. I started mine before I even 2k subscribers.
Climax: The idea is that you need an active site to actually you have the traffic coming in and can actually get some interest. ( thus some sales)
Ending: so don’t worry about not having 1 million people following you.

How to:
– Go to the website link in the description
– They’ll ask you some common questions
– Once you get approved then you can start making money

Example: just running one affiliate link on this channel I make around $200-$400 per month from it.

2. How to use it and where can I put it
Beg: I think the reason a lot of people fail with it, is because of a lack of focus when it comes to products.
Climax: Example – whatever product I sell here its because it’s about a video or, a really good offer where you guys will make money also. Like the entire audible link that gives the person 2 free books, and a 30-day trial that if you cancel you can still keep it
Ending: So the key is finding an area of focus and just becoming the go-to guy with the discounts

How it works:
– If I have a blog or website, and just make a video on the best camera equipment, well you can use an affiliate link and get paid.
– For example, This is my current camera $1,397.99 just for the body
– Take the link ( and copy and paste it into amazon affiliates
– Then you click get link
– Now when someone buys you’ll get paid some cash
Link to Camera:
Profit at 4%: $55.91 ( so if 100 people buy it that month, $550.91)

Ps: you also get paid, for anything else you buy while using that link.

Where to put it:
– Either put short Link in Blog or YouTube or website
– Or if you want to be fancy then add pictures
– Oh and don’t forget twitter

Tip: Making review blog, is one of the best options because those are already in the market

3. How much can you make per link
Highest paying categories:
– All categories 4%
– Apparels, 7%
– Amazon Fashion 10%

– They have bonuses/bounties ( most are for amazon products)
– And it’s all about traffic and conversions.

Beg: Conversion is basically the number of people you convert into customers
Climax: So basically: if you have a conversion of 2% its pretty good, I’ve noticed mine is 5-7%
Ending: So the more people visit you the better

Blog, Youtube, Social media: If you have 10,000 people visiting you monthly and they buy items of at least 100 bucks at 5% conversion rate.

That’s 2k per month in profit.






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Richard Averell
Richard Averell

I am building an online business and am following the guidance provided by the One Month Mentor and the Partnership to Success programs developed by John Thornhill.

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