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Whether you call it Internet marketing, online marketing, or digital marketing when many people think about Internet marketing in Fairburn Georgia, the first thing that comes to mind are websites and website design. A well-made website can raise your bottom line. However, most websites today are developed in the same way they were in 1999, and that does not help, but actually harms a business’s Internet marketing goals. The majority of website developers have not altered the method they use to design websites. They may have better photos now and better layouts, yet the majority of websites you see on the Internet today are just better-looking brochures. They have little to do with the “marketing” part of online marketing. Today we can make it Internet marketing friendly.

At Precision Internet Marketing we take a careful look at exactly how we can design your website to be a well-oiled marketing machine in Fairburn Georgia. Your website must be a digital marketing tool that makes you cash. Here is a figure that will fascinate you: Approximately 96% of the people who land on a website leave and never return. By using some basic concepts of marketing with today’s website creation technologies, we can substantially change that statistic. We can change a website from a brochure to an Internet marketing dynamo for your business in Fairburn GA. Let’s check out a few.

1) Writing the website text with the client in mind. Generally, a website begins by telling the potential customer about what the business does. It is essential to do this. Few ever tell the potential customer how their products and services can benefit the client. The client is searching for solutions; tell them how your company’s solutions can help them. Always write putting the client first.

2) Make use of video on your website. 90% of people say they prefer to watch a video instead of reading a wall of text. It is also true that individuals retain 80% of what they watch and only 20% of what they read. By having a top-quality video as part of your digital marketing strategy, you are giving them what they want, and more of them will reward you by doing business with you.

3) Know what clients are seeking when they come to your website. At Precision Internet Marketing we have done the work for you. We have done the research and we have learned the top 3 things that individuals are looking for when they visit your website. Make sure you have these on the front page of your website. They are:

a. A good deal. Design and develop an offer that customers can take advantage of then and there. Possibly you can offer new clients a discount code on specific services or products. By offering them a good deal on your website you are really using the website to do Internet marketing. This is one way to change a website design from a brochure to an Internet marketing magnet.

b. Branding. If you market products with high name recognition see to it those brand names get on the front page. Do not make potential clients search through page after page to see if you carry the brand name they are looking for. Make it simple for them to purchase from you. That is the first rule of sales. If you do this, customers will buy from you, just because you made it easy.

c. Reputation. Individuals want to make certain they are dealing with a reputable business. We have all seen the snippets on a website with client testimonials that nobody reads. Nevertheless, they will read them if they are in a video. They cannot help themselves. Having 2 or 3 videos on a page with 3 snippets each from your 5-star testimonials will make you look like the impressive company you are, a company that clients want to work with.

Just remember, call it what you will, Online marketing or Internet marketing or Digital marketing, when people think of it, most think of website design and how your website engages with them.

To learn more and see how we can make use of website design to turn your website into an Internet marketing sales force, contact Precision Internet Marketing at (404) 667-7207.

Title: Best Internet Marketing and Website Design Fairburn GA Georgia -Digital and Online Marketing Experts

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