online marketing basics, learn online marketing, and digital marketing basics. online marketing refers to any form of advertising or marketing on the web. it’s an all-inclusive term for promotions shared via emails, social media posts, paid advertisements displayed on search engines, etc.

as users get younger, companies have shifted their marketing strategies to the internet, where they can reach a larger, more relevant audience at lower cost to traditional advertising options. with the right online marketing strategies, small and medium businesses are finding new ways to compete against the big companies.

even with a limited budget, companies are able to get creative and effectively reach customers at each stage of the buying cycle. regardless of whether a consumer is researching products, or whether they’re about to check out, you can reach out to promote your brand.

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online marketing basics 00:06
search engine optimization 15:38
social media marketing 28:21
video marketing 35:14
email marketing 39:44
content marketing 46:10
mobile marketing 50:51
digital marketing 55:30
analytics 1:09:30

Richard Averell
Richard Averell

I am building an online business and am following the guidance provided by the One Month Mentor and the Partnership to Success programs developed by John Thornhill.

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