Part 1 – AFFILIATE MARKETING BASICS | Amazon വഴി കാശ് ഉണ്ടാക്കാം

How to make money online realistically without skills. I am explaining about affiliate marketing and it’s basics for the beginner in Malayalam. Hope this is helpful for you. I always make sure that all the methods I mention are legit and authentic.

You will mainly learn about Affiliate programs in this video. Amazon, commission junction, clickbank, flipkart etc

You will learn the main steps towards growing an online income and start earing in 2020 (this year), I am also explaining how to build yourself as a brand online. All genuine organic ethical methods.

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Richard Averell
Richard Averell

I am building an online business and am following the guidance provided by the One Month Mentor and the Partnership to Success programs developed by John Thornhill.

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